Woman As Life Creature

April 6, 2009 1:16am CST
Is this world is possible without woman. Think this think again and again. Woman gives birth to child. Woman take care of child and woman nourish the child. What's happen if woman is not there. Even there is no existence of this world without woman. But is we are giving full right to woman all the time. Generally, we observe that world is male dominant and decision of woman is solely depends upon decision of man only. Why woman cannot think independently. Is woman always exploited or woman want that they remain as exploited in world. Ultimately woman need to change there attitude for taking commanding position in the world
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• Canada
6 Apr 09
The world is also not possible without man. Women can't get themselves pregnant. It takes both. And if women take a more comanding position in the world, then won't that make us more like men? We want equality, not a fight for dominance.
@Informer (803)
• India
6 Apr 09
HI Neeraj, You are right women have not been given the credit and respect what they really deserve. In our religions we talk much about women and it's respect but in real world they are not counted as equal. Hope this scene will change soon...