spaghetti or Carbonara

April 6, 2009 9:32pm CST
which do you like spaghetti or Carbonara?? and what drinks is suited for that dish?
4 responses
• Philippines
19 May 09
I like carbonara with pesto sauce.. and spaghetti that is not so sweet but a bit sour :)
• Italy
16 Jul 09
Sorry friend. Carbonara is an egg based sauce, made with eggs, pancetta (a kind of not smoked beacon), black pepper and, obviously, parmesan. Pesto is another thing.
@mhae15 (744)
• Philippines
18 Jul 09
I like both spaghetti and carbonara but I think I like spaghetti more over carbonara. I usually eat spaghetti with garlic bread and iced tea or soda drink.I feel hungry and craving for spaghetti because of this post yum yum
@geniustiger (1698)
• Philippines
12 May 09
i prefered to spaghetti especially if so many ingredients contained with it. then cold coca cola drinks hmmmmmmmmm its so nice to eat now, felt hungry to think so heheheheh.... i choose that menu in my birthday to make my life longer and softer like spagh. full of yummy happiness in my life.
@zzyw87 (1260)
• Philippines
8 May 09
I definitely would choose carbonara. I love any pasta with white creamy sauce. I could eat three to four servings of any pasta with white sauce. Tomato sauce for me, like spaghetti, is just okay for me. Maybe it is because when I was a child, I always ate spaghetti and I am already tired of eating that. I usually just drink water or juice with pasta.
@kellys3ps (3726)
• United States
2 May 09
I like both spaghetti and carbonara.