Are you easy to make friends with others?

@heehaw78 (566)
April 8, 2009 12:59pm CST
Normally we have friends at work or at our residential placed. But do you find yourself easy to make friends with others? For me , i am easy to make friends with others.
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 09
Yeah heehaw, I am the type of person that could make friends with others easily. It doesn't matter where I am. Other than making friends with others at the working place, residential place I always try to talk with people I meet in the queues, at the stalls, going up or down standing on the moving staircases. It is rather weird that I don't like to talk with strangers in the confined elevator. It would be really embarrassing if the opposite sides don't give any responses in that narrow and restricted space. Happy posting.
@gxyywhyzy (450)
• China
9 Apr 09
for me,it is not easy to make friends with others,maybe i couldn't trust somebody easily.but,i am a friendly person with one need a very long time for me to make sure that someone is good enough to be regard as my friend. so i have only a few friends,they were my classmates before, and later they became my best friens.i have no friends at work or at my residential area.
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
8 Apr 09
Yes, I am quite easy in making temporary friends. Like I have joined a wedding party and there are no such people who are really known to me and I can not sit idle. so I break the ice and in a couple of hours I am with some three four friends. Some of them remain as friends for a long time and most others get lost with the passage of tine.
• Canada
8 Apr 09
It's pretty easy for me to make friends because I am a pretty relaxed and open person. I get along with almost anyone. It helps if I am around some people I know, because it keeps me relaxed. If I am around all new people I might be a little tense, but still nice. I like to think I'm a fun person to be around, so it won't be too awkward for the other person. I can only make friends with out going people though, I'm not quite sure how to interact with people who are overly shy, since they don't ever say anything.
@drdivu (1011)
• India
8 Apr 09
well, i m very easy to make friends..but its only when i like the aura of the person..its difficult for others to know whether i m social or reserve person on the whole..