gossip,good or bad

@fan2009 (122)
April 8, 2009 7:16pm CST
We all hate gossip.But sometimes gossip is good for society.When someone want to do something bad,which is against morality,he is afraid of gossip.So he maybe give it up.So gossip helps to improve social custom and public moral standard.Gossip can helps to improve self-control in social activities.So a gossip,a community worker.
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@stanley777 (7179)
• Philippines
1 Jan 11
Yeah, I hate gossip too. It can really ruin the lives of some people- especially if they aren't true... But yes,there are still some advantages of gossip, but it's rare..
@vardon (90)
• China
14 Apr 09
good view
@gxyywhyzy (450)
• China
11 Apr 09
i do whatever i want to or need to,and i don't care about any gossip.meanwhile,i am not interested in gossiping about anyone else.most of the gossip are not ture,so we can't believe the rumors.they are no use for our life,maybe harmfull.
@med889 (5958)
10 Apr 09
I think you are right. Whenever I am with my friends I do gossiping and I think we learn a lot through gossipping too. ;-)
• United States
9 Apr 09
How odd it is that we claim not to participate in gossip, and that we know that most gossip is, if not entirely untrue, at least exaggerated in some ways. Still, we seem drawn to it, and we try to catch every little tidbit about celebrities, our friends and families, and our coworkers. Slimy little creatures, we humans!