What type of fish do you recommend?

April 10, 2009 12:30am CST
Well I have 1 female platy, and 1 male zebra danio. What fish are peaceful,(that don't fight with my fish) and a good choice for a 10 gallon tank?
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10 Apr 09
I would talk to the people in your area at the pet shop. The Platy and zebra's usually do well with sword fish neon's any kind of tetra. The neon's are very pretty and have alot of color to them. Hope this helps
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@Signal20 (2281)
• United States
8 May 09
I would pick up at least 3 more zebra danios. They are a schooling fish, and prefer to be kept in groups of at least 3 as a minimum. They're also a very active fish, and I bet if you increase that school of them, you'll see him zipping around the tank a lot more. For a 10 gallon tank, that would be all I would recommend, the 4 zebras and the platy. It's a decent size tank, but still on the small side. You don't want to overstock it.