What exactly do we mean by helping the world?

April 10, 2009 7:00am CST
Who wants you to help the world? are you so very superior to me or to ordinary person in the outer world? in what way is your knowledge lasting and certain? is that what you give born out of certainty, out of your own understanding? when you are certain of your own knowledge, you can consider helping others. Most of your knowledge, theories, wisdom are second hand, you have gathered in books, most of your devotion is narrow and limited. That which you give will not help truly, unless you can give it from within, from your understandimg and knowledge of life. If you have such knowledge, acquired by yourself, then your service to humanity will be of value. You can give real help only when you are above receiving help. Give certainty to people who are in doubt, suffering, or dwelling in passing joys.
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@hacker006 (126)
• United States
10 Apr 09
orginaltiy, is hard for some easier for others, A inventor comes up with new ideas & new things, yet while a invator improves on what is already their. Who is to say which one does more good? The truth in all is however the contribution is made, it can either harm or help, but that's a opion, not a fact
@1hopefulman (34722)
• Canada
10 Apr 09
Anything done that is positive is a helpful contribution, whether we thought of it ourselves or learned it from someone else.