Do you Know to edit the registry values of your operating system???

April 10, 2009 8:10am CST
Most of us are using systems more than 10 years but dont know about Kernels,registries and othere concepts do you know??
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@emojboy (632)
• Philippines
12 Apr 09
I know a little about windows registry. I tried to edit my windows registry in my windows xp professional service pack 2 for fast shutdown and end task my current running system process. It really helps a lot in shutting down when you are in a hurry which is applicable to me because I am always in a hurry. In windows registry also I learn to have a multiple yahoo messenger in one desktop or laptop computer. It helps me a lot because I have two yahoo messenger account.
• India
16 Apr 09
Good Bro !!
@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
26 Apr 09
It is probably a good thing that most people never attempt to edit the regsitry because this can be a very dangerous practice. I have edited a few entries in Windows XP to remove the Documents folder from My Computer and to remove Nero Scout, but I would not change anything unless I knew precisely what it's purpose was. My Sony Vaio laptop would not launch Windows Sidebar at one time, which was due to a registry entry added by a third party program, so I had to remove the entry maually to restore access. Other than necessary actions such as that I would not recommend amending the registry to anyone, and even then be careful what you are changing. One wrong entry can seriously disrupt the system and make it toally unusable.
@japerz (86)
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
Some of us are plain users only and those users are the one's who don't know or doesn't even care about the registry. Editing registry is a risk and you must know or have knowledge on it before trying to do some editing, wrong edit may cause to corrupt or even destroy your operating system which will lead to reinstalling the OS. =)
• Italy
10 Apr 09
Yes, modify the registry of operative system Windows is most good for protect the pc... By the registry system you can modify the screen resolution, lock the wallpaper. add or remove icon from the desktop. But,if you use this bad this make many problems...
• China
10 Apr 09
General users won't take the trouble to access the kernel of OS, only people majored in computer science or work in the CS domain may know these well.