When sick, do you engage in self-medication?

Self-Medication is bad for one's health - I know of cases of people doing lots of self-medication...in fact it's close to being abusive and bordering on risking one's health. Of course, we have to choose the doctor that we go to, to be sure. Nevertheless, self-medication is not advisable for serious ailments. It's still best to consult the doctor...
@psyche49f (2511)
April 11, 2009 5:40am CST
I did in the past, but now I realize I should not, that whenever I am sick, especially seriously, I should consult the doctor first, and take only medicines which he prescribes. The reason? I guess the doctor knows best, and I also learned that without the right dosage, there is a high possibility of damage to the kidneys and other internal organs. My father in-law used to do a lot of self-medication, using herbal medicines. He died because of severe damage to the kidneys and other complications. Dear friends, self-medication is good only for very minor ailments. When it's a major one, see your doctor... I trust that he knows best. Of course, choosing the best doctor is another thing, so it goes without saying....
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@Shavkat (63439)
• Philippines
2 Dec 12
Being sick is not fun. You need to take rest on bed for a long time. Even you take precautions, you will still get sick.
• India
11 Apr 09
well i always consult a doctor when im ill, actually my father is a doctor so i consult him at home . and i also think that every one should consult a doctor when they r ill, or else the disease can be more sirious.
@katsalot1 (1619)
11 Apr 09
I only go to a doctor as a last resort, because I have so little faith in them. I have seen so many cases of people being wrongly diagnosed and given the wrong medication. I like to know exactly what is in a medicine, and exactly how it works before I take it.