Do you like watching Hollywood movies or happy with local language movies?

@krupesh (2608)
April 11, 2009 10:47pm CST
I have seen so many people that they dont watch Hollywood movies at all.It might be coz' of the limited english knowledge or might be coz' of the story or some might even feel that 1 1/2 hrs is too less for them to pass the time. What do you think?Which do you like?Do you watch both?
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@asianwind (365)
• Philippines
12 Apr 09
Hi there! I enjoy watching Hollywood films simply because they are entertaining and you get to learn a lot about the American culture. No need to use a lot of thinking when you watch Hollywood film. Just sit back and realax I rarely watch our local films because they show the same theme over and over again, nothing is new, the plot is almost always the same. I am nationalistic but please don't let me watch those cheesy films.
• Philippines
17 Apr 09
Thanks for the best response! LOL
@GY1106 (46)
• China
19 Apr 09
I enjoy watching Movies of each coutry only if it is interesting, no matter local one or Hollywood , or some language i donot understand..
@Sreekala (23347)
• India
17 Apr 09
Hi Rupesh, I am not watching Hollywood movies because I don’t have time for watching movies. I am spending sometime on Sunday to watch local language movies if there is any good one is coming otherwise I may do some other thing instead of wasting my time. Now Hollywood movies are telecasting through local channel and dubbed in local language and are coming in every Sunday morning. My son is watching the same with much interest and sometimes he calls me and asked me to watch some interesting scenes.
@maezee (32554)
• United States
12 Apr 09
I would LIKE to see some of those "foreign" movies, though, I've never seen any. I get bored with "Hollywood movies" (I speak English by the way - it's my native language) - some of them are so DUMB and overdone. It just gets old, not to mention how expensive it is to see a movie.
@springs (926)
• India
12 Apr 09
I love to watch Hollywood movies along with local languages.I like the technology they use it in their movies.