Computer alone?...... can't be.

@SimpleBB (1332)
April 13, 2009 1:11am CST
Do computers really that helpful? Yes it is for some reasons of course. It facilitate the computation, the searching process, and many more which we could obtain in just one tap in the keyboard. It could also provide as information which we could never find in just one place. it divert us into a paperless work. Yes, these are only some of how essential computer can be in our lives. But, there was a situation one time that give me a second thought in the significance of the computer. There was this time that I need a copy of a document which was saved in the computer. I was asked to present it to someone who doesn't have even a bit of knowledge in computer but he is that important to see the document, worst is when I'm about to retrieve the saved doc, the computer has crashed down, due to some virus i don't know what. I was not able to present the doc for I don't have a copy of it. I was very ashame for this had happened on that very important event. My point is, even we have this computer, we really still have a hard copy of document for we are not sure when and what will happened in the computer in time we need it most, isn't it.
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• China
13 Apr 09
i use my computer to see movie,internet surfer and the most thing,Egame.I love EGame,Such as:Fallout3(The atom war is so shock!),Grand Theft Auto4(unlash your inner evil to have a life),Warcraft3TFT(be a hero and gengral),prince of persia(for justice,for love!).If I have no computer ,I think I will lost mush happy.
• United States
13 Apr 09
I am a partial shut in, and I do my shopping with exception of groceries via computer. I do my banking and bill pay via computer. It saves me grief and expense as otherwise I would have to take a taxi. There's no public transportation in my area to speak of. My medical condition precludes riding it even if public transit was more available. * I know how to format a hard drive. I run a Windows Linux hybrid drive.