Why doesn't government cut costs?

United States
April 15, 2009 9:15pm CST
I can't figure out why companies are laying off by the thousands and doing pay cuts (my work included). I have been on a pay-cut since the beginning of the year and yet Uncle Sam just keeps on wasting money. Why don't the top "fat cats" take a cut in pay like the working class instead of just raising taxes to make up the deficit? More taxes will just force people to spend less and won't help the economy recover.
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@maezee (34457)
• United States
16 Apr 09
I totally agree with you. Or what about CELEBRITIES? Couldn't THEY get some kind of pay cut? Or couldn't THEY donate a little to help out the economy? You know a lot of those A-Listers must have MILLIONS if not BILLIONS stashed away, whereas people like me & you are struggling with our current jobs & bills piling up. It's pretty ridiculous. It's so..disporportioned (is that a word? lol); how wealth is distributed in this country - and this world in general. Not to say that we should drop democracy and head into pure socialism - but isn't it supposed to be "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"? Or something like that? I just feel like those celebrities & politicians & even businessowners and the like - could definitely pitch in and help us out. It just shows how greedy people are, I suppose. I agree, though, raising taxes isn't really going to get us anywhere at all. Good luck with your job situation.