How will our health services manage? So much obesity, drinking and drug-taking!

April 17, 2009 4:18pm CST
In England and the rest of the UK (also including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland...) we seem to be building a slowly ticking time-bomb of obesity, drinking and drug-taking. Over the past decades, these 'vices', which are okay in moderation, have been taken to much excess. Currently the NHS (tax funded National Health Service) is enjoying record amounts of taxes being spent on it. However, our country is getting into increasing debt, what with having to bail out all the banks and so on. In the future, it is clear there will be tax increases and also many cut-backs in public services - the NHS being ripe for this. Then there will come a health crunch. Health economists will have to decide how to ration or part privatise health services, as the amount of tax revenue dwindles. Will we all have to suffer in our old age, as we are no longer "economically active" and the "heartless bast***s" decide to let us die through lack of treatment? I feel that there will probably be elements of all, that I have mentioned in the last paragraph. What are YOUR feelings? How do you think it will affect healthcare in the country that you live? I WANT to know! Many thanks, dreamhealer
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
18 Apr 09
This is a very serious subject in the USA. We are watching closely to see how countries who have universal health care are handling the problems in today's society. We of course have all the problems you mention in your discussion.
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