Is Smoking Bad For Pregnant Mum?

@mchavez11 (1406)
April 17, 2009 9:29pm CST
I know some friends that still smokes even if when their pregnant and nothing bad really happens to them, nor to the baby. Although, they're just some portion of the pie here. I don't know if smoking really is bad for pregnant mothers. I'm just wondering. So, is it? or is it not?
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@Shawchert (1040)
• United States
18 Apr 09
Things CAN happen to a child, the child can be born with a low birth weight *which isn't good for them* would most likely develop asthma. and all sorts of things that can happen. Just look up effects on fetus's in smoking mothers. Some babies like some of my family have gotten away with it, but me, I have a lung problem and I know it, I have always been short winded no matter how much I tried to train myself, even now I can't do a whole lot without having to breath really hard.
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@marguicha (102045)
• Chile
19 Apr 09
I smoked through both of my pregnancies. In those days nothing was said against smoking. I also smoked while I was nursing my babies. Both were born of a good weight, healthy and cleaver. Both are prfessionals of good standing. I quit smoking last year (after smoking for 50 years) because I´m a widow and can´t afford to smoke AND to travel (which I love). So I had to choose. My lungs are wonderful after smoking 2 packs a day. Other people don´t ever smoke and have frail lungs and bronchii. Such is my brother´s case: he´s allergic to almost everything. Did you know that the lungs of someone who doesn´t smoke but lives in an industrial city and the lungs of a smokers are very similar? I will accept that smoking stinks. But I also discovered that it´s because of the filter. When I was young I smoked without filter. YUMMY!!! The wosrt thing that can happen to people is to be born: we are all going to die for that. Some before, some later. Noone knows.
• United States
18 Apr 09
all the studies show that it is.. it can affect birth development, lungs, weight, thyroid etc..
• India
18 Apr 09
It is not good for all,for both smokers and non smokers.It is better to keep away pregnant women from smoking people.It can serious health problems to baby inside the mothers womb.
• United States
18 Apr 09
Smoking is bad for everyone adult, children and even unborn babies. There are quite a few mothers that still smoke when they are pregnant. It may appear that the baby is not effected when born but in the long run it does. It may be something as small as vision or hearing. Most babies that are born to a mother that smoke are much smaller in weight which can seriously effect them in the long run. I would highly suggest not smoking during pregnancy...just because it didn't affect one persons baby that much doesn't it won't affect yours or someone elses baby.
• Canada
18 Apr 09
Smoking is bad for anyone, pregnant or not pregnant, male or female, young or old, any race. I imagine it would be even worse for someone who has an innocent life growing inside them!! Same for breathing in second hand smoke. the baby didn't ask to be there inhaling the smoke.