Making money online is it possible?? yes?? no? think...

Brunei Darussalam
April 18, 2009 9:57am CST
I come across to this website and I just straight forward register to it. It is one of thousands website out there who promise a profit from internet business. But in this website it is so different where you earns money by swapping your card, and you can even earns money not only by referral but as well as installing their toolbar. So I want to tell you a secret of 10dollarsdream, initially when you signup, you will earns automatically $5.00 then you have to buy a virtual business card and this business card will be swap daily ATLEAST one time, so everytime swapping happes you earns 0.10 (10cent), look lower but you can earns more than hundreds! I bet you.... Furthermore I would not believe a profit making website which promise to give you like $100 per day, it sound to odd to be true.... so remember you earns $5.00 when signup you earns another $1.00 fpr installing their toolbar You can earns more by refferal You even can advert your website their!!! so why didnt join and try... You ll be surprise... in less than 24hrs, so far i earns $6.03 and it keep rising See you there.. Maybe you guys wanna discuss about it here
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• Philippines
18 Apr 09
SWIPING CARDS? Are you referring to swiping credit cards, or someone else's credit cards?
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@jend80 (2068)
27 Apr 09
such a succesful makemoney site that the domain's expired already and the site's disapeared. Hope any paid members didn't lose too much.