love is nothing but everything.... wats it means?

April 18, 2009 11:01am CST
sameer: its true that love is nothing but everything... means it is just a one kind of attraction i think so because.. it shows us sweet sweet dream its gives us joys good type of feelings... which never comes without love... this should be any type parents love. before and marrige love wat is ur opinion abt this?
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@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
18 Apr 09
I believe that love is what you make it to be. Not everyone feels the same thing. It could be more of a personal nature between two consenting people. Every relationship is different. Some people can feel love for a person but the feelings don't necessarily get returned. That is the sad part about it. I actually think that there is someone special for everybody. It just takes times to find that special person. Some people can wait a life time and some people get married early in life and the marriage can last for many years. Love has to do with a lot of mutual respect and caring for another human being. You need understanding and also some sacrifice in order for things to work. Love does give us joy and sometimes sorrow. I think that it is all just a part of life and sometimes even a test as to what our hearts an withstand. I hope that some of my explanation made some sense to you. There will be different opinions from all kinds of people.