do you aware about water saving ?

April 18, 2009 12:18pm CST
how much are you aware about water saving? you know very well importance of water what do you do to save drinking water?
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@myl999 (2093)
• India
1 May 09
Water is life for sure and not much is left and i think the way we are moving to the future with changing atmoshphere the days are becoming hotter and the population growing also the global we the humans will face water scarcity soon and astonishingly this happens to some part of the world right now .so it is high time we change our habits so water is used properly and no one wastes it so that life survives and and conserve water are they synonymous?and use it wisely...and spread the words others
• United States
20 Apr 09
I take short showers and the sprinkles are on manual instead of a timer. All dripping faucets and dysfunctional sprinkler heads are dealt with immediately. I'm not sure there are other ways to save water, but I'll be reading all your replies to find out.
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
19 Apr 09
Lucky us here in the Philippines we have plenty of water. I think if the people don't save water in the future there come a time them that we experience shortage. I save water when I'm washing our clother what I do the water that I'm using when I'm rinsing our clothes I collect it to use it again in cleaning or flushing the toilet. Now that our bill is so high we need to save water.
@HelloMickey (1663)
• Hong Kong
18 Apr 09
No, I won't save drinking water. We should drink enough water to remain healthy. But I do save water when I am washing dishes or having a shower, and yes, water is very important to all of us. So we'd better find some more ways to save it.
• India
18 Apr 09
water is the basic necessity of life and very important to sustain life on earth. these days many of us know that water is very precious but we seldom do anything to preserve it. I always switch of taps when i am not using it. also i use water wisely. I also request other users to save water too because it is becoming scarcity day by day and we may soon have wars over it.