To you have a struggle with OBESITY???

April 18, 2009 4:37pm CST
Myself, it's not that I have a struggle with obesity. What I do have is a struggle to keep my weight at a normal level. Even as a vegan, there are so many delicious foods available, dark chocolates and other luscious confectionery, cookies and the like, its a real difficulty to say NO! Its not like I don't do any exercise, its just that I don't do enough, there are other things to do in life after all!!! Usually go to yoga once a week, also the gym and occasionally swimming and long walks. But, I also like reading, the internet, myLot!!! What does one do? Can see that some people have more of a challenge though. I just have a bit of spare body weight round my middle, barely noticeable to most people (though not everyone)! Someone told me recently that they'd noticed I had put on a bit of weight!!! Yes, these days, overweight and obesity have reached eye-popping levels - you only have to look, when out and about! I always remember one of the photos I covertly took when at Epcot centre in Florida of an obese couple sat down in a restaurant. A little naughty of me - at least this was back in 1990. But back then it was more of a novelty to see. Well, enough of me rambling on: what STORIES do you have to tell about OBESITY - I'd love to know.....
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@suzzy3 (8357)
23 Apr 09
I carry a bit of weight around my middle which I work on by walking and tummy excercises.I have had a bad back so it is not an excuse but a reason why I have to be a bit carful ,But I do get about as much as possible walking jogging.within reason and it is working.I am going through the change at the moment so they say that makes you put on more weight.You see young mums walking around carrying so much weight ,how do they manage to chase a small child around,how do they sit on the bus or in a cafe it is such a shame.I am fifty one but like to think I take care of myself and exercise ect,it does not look like many of them will live to see 35 years old,what about their children who will look after them then.What worrying me even more is the size of the children as well,there is enough education about feeding kids good health food,it is cheaper to buy an apple then some of the sweets the kids eat,what is wrong with people have they given up.I know some people do have medical conditions and would not want to upset anyone,but the rest please for the sake of your kids go to the park,we walk around the park most days for our exercise and there is never any young mums running the kids about and playing with them.xxxx
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@suzzy3 (8357)
24 Apr 09
Thsnks for my BR .I am surprised you don't expect to get many replies to this as it is a good discussion.
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@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
25 Apr 09
i really have a hard time with my obesity... but its worth it... i diet and exercise...
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29 Apr 09
Thank you, I guess you mean that it's worth it to diet and exercise to control your obesity from getting out-of-hand?
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
18 Apr 09
I am a little over weight but i think this happens to us all as we get older, my trouble is I like all the wrong foods and prefer to go out to eat as I am a lousy cook...and it doesn't help that I hang around with people who eat a lot of junk food and i love junk food so i plod along and try but i am not going to stress about it anymore, especially when Governments start telling you what to eat and not to eat I tend to buck...
20 Apr 09
Yeah, I believe that as we get older the metabolism slows down, so the body just doesn't burn up the food we eat so quickly as when we were a slim, young thing. And as for governments telling us what to eat, I long ago gave up on listening! One of the craziest recommendations is for people to eat fish. The seas are so heavily polluted, that any nutritional benefit is just not worth the toxicity of the poor fish. And most of the seas are so over fished they are close to collapse! Thanks for the bit about not stressing too much. Happy myLotting! (guess you've heard that a few times now?)