Should we be worried about the Yankees?

United States
April 18, 2009 9:58pm CST
They just were blown out by the Indians and the pitching staff isn't well managed. This once dream team is falling hostage to many of the other teams and it has me concerned. I hope C.C. Sabathia is able to bounce back and play better. What are your guy' thoughts on this situation?
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9 Jun 09
They're doing a little better now but tbh when you spend the amount they have on players and the quality of the team with all the talent they have they should be able to blow away most teams and not be losing series to teams at the bottom of their divisions. They have added Texaria(?), Sabathia, Burnett to an already strong team so they should be topping their division most years.
@nv_jenn (207)
• Canada
27 Apr 09
I personally think so but I don't know all that much about the team. All I know is they spent alot of mony of players for this year and they haven't been doing very good at all. It is pretty early in the season to make harsh or serious judgements though. They all need to warm up and get into the game a bit more and then see if they have something to worry about. I am not a Yankees fan but there are definetly some really great players on that team.
@peavey (16815)
• United States
19 Apr 09
I don't know if I'm worried about them at this stage, but I will always root for them. I remember when they were the best team ever, back in the 60's. They have a tradition to live up to.
• Japan
19 Apr 09
It`s too early in the season to write off the Stankeees. But Stankees losing has never made me sad it`s only made me glad.They spent all of that money and now they are getting beat down. There is a god!!