How to deal with?

April 19, 2009 7:59am CST
If one of your friend envy you and even show unhappy to you , how to deal with ?
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@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
19 Apr 09
If she's unhappy with me due to envy or whatever, I'll ignore until I can't take it anymore. Usually when that time come, I am already angry and want some explanation of her behavior. If that's some sort of misunderstand, I'll clear things out and explain that in the future, she can tell me clearly instead of sulking and pouting.
@happy2009 (330)
• China
19 Apr 09
Just take more pains for your friends ,this emotion is very common .you should learn how to hide your predominance in front of her ,may this will make her more self-contempt.If you really care about your friend share her unhappiness toghter.
@mira91 (987)
• Singapore
19 Apr 09
Well, i'll thank her that she envies me for whatever reason there is to it, but i'll tell them that there is nothing to envy about really...Because i believe everyone has their own flaws and they the ones that can bst identify those flaws themselves. So why don't you just pick on yourself, and make her feel better about it...Cz you don't want her to end up holding this personal secret grudge against you just because of this envy issue yea...? ^_^ Good luck..
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
19 Apr 09
well i would tell them for one i refuse to be unhappy because of them, life is what they make of it. and if they want to sit around and feel sorry for themself its a damn shame. if they want to be where im at and have what i have to get off thier butt and work for it. even though i dont have to worry about it since i have not much at all for anyone to envy me over
@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
19 Apr 09
In such cases, I might feel unhappy at first moment, but on second thought, I would be proud of my advantages, and turn away from such envy and behavior, which is, in my understanding, an expression of weakness. I would not act tip for tap, to harm my own image. Explanation in such cases is meaningless. I would keep patient, awaiting the day when misunderstanding is cast away.