fish r meat

April 19, 2009 1:23pm CST
what do u like to eat fish r meat ,i think fish is healty food ,it is good for skin n eyes.n meat it has high degree of cholesterol ,n proten it is very useful for body building .so what is ur choice ,is it fish r meat ,i prefer fish what abt u
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@buli23 (550)
• India
26 Jan 11
Both fish and meat are important for our body. But I like to eat meat and fish both alternately. I eat fish much that meat because fish are easy to digest and it take less time. Meat is high protein and cholesterol food and it take much time to cook. I prefer both to eat.
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
I love seafoods more.I love shrimp,squid,mussels,and clams.I love them more than fish.I would like to quit eating meat and eat more is much healthier and I enjoy them more.
@celticeagle (121005)
• Boise, Idaho
20 Apr 09
I like fish much better than red meat. My favorite is salmon. It has the valuable Omega 3 in it. Ofcourse there are areas where the fish we eat have larger concentrations of bad minerals in them. You may want to check. Wish I had a link to add but I don't. Fresh fish is best and I don't care for the salty flavor of some it. I do like an occasional steak and I have to have a hamburger now and then.
• United States
20 Apr 09
I prefer meat.I never liked fish or seafood at all.The smell of some fish really bothers me.I tried to eat it a couple of times but I didn't enjoy it.While fish is the better choice healthwise I enjoy meat more.
@maezee (34458)
• United States
20 Apr 09
I don't eat fish (or any kind of meat, actually) even though it's 'good' for you. I would actually be WORRIED about eating fish, because a lot of people have gotten mercury poisoning as a result of eating it. And also, it's just depressing to think about them getting killed so we can eat them. And I've heard that they can feel pain. I just couldn't imagine eating them; it's too sad!