Stories Grandma use to tell.

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April 20, 2009 10:21pm CST
I've always loved to hear old people talk and tell stories. When I was a little girl my grandparents would tell me, my sister and brother stories from the past. They would sometimes tell us stories about ghost and spirits. One story in particular that I remember is the one about the Indian shoes. My grandparents were moving into a new home, well it wasn't new it was old. While they were cleaning and getting the house ready to move in, the found these Indian shoes in a cabinet. They decided not to touch them and they left them there. The first night they stayed in the house they heard Indian drums. They would also hear someone knocking on the wall, one night my granddad knocked back and whatever was on the other side knocked back. That is so scary, I get chills every time I tell this story. So one day they decided to get rid of the shoes. They figured that this was the cause of everything. After they got rid of the shoes they didn't hear anymore drums or knocks. Do you have any stories that your grandparents may have told you?
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@carpenter5 (6786)
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22 Apr 09
My great grandmother was a character. She was 4'10" tall and might have weighed 100 pounds if she was soaking wet. They lived out in the country and had chickens running around the yard all the time. They had a neighbors dog that was always chasing their chickens and she was always running it off with the broom. One night, she heard the chickens having a fit and went outside. She thought she would teach the lab a lesson when she saw his tail sticking out from under the house. She could hear a hen under the porch just a squacking and this dog after it, but seemed to be stuck a bit. Grandma grabbed a club from the end of the porch and grabbed that dog by the tail and at the same time that she jerked it out from under the porch, she whacked it across the head with the club. Only it wasn't the neighbor's black labrador. It was a leopard. She quickly grabbed a shovel while he was still stunned from the club and killed it before it could wake up and attack her.