Forbidden Love??

April 21, 2009 8:15am CST
do you enjoy having a relationships to someone that you know that is forbidden?? some are enjoying it because it is a challenging to them, but some are agains't to it.. but for its a case to case basis.. for me as long as i enjoy the relationships and i love the person.. i really don't care if its forbidden or not.. you guys?? what can you say??
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@sharksfin (1097)
• Philippines
28 May 09
Enjoy a forbidden love? I don't think anyone enjoys it and the hassles attached to it. It's just they are overwhelmed by their emotions that they choose to pursue that kind of relationship. Especially when you know you're hurting someone. I mean, say, a man has a wife but you fell in love with him. Eventually, you started going out with him and then you ended up together. It's not that one is enjoying that kind of relationship. it's only that one has become too selfish to consider only her feelings and neglected the feelings of the legal wife. In the long run, guilt will eat her out. What's enjoyable with that, right?
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
26 Apr 09
yes, maybe to some it is more enjoyable, but not for me as i like being free, that all the people know and they are not against our relationship. the momemnt my mom and family knew about my relationship and i felt they are not against it, i felt so relieved and happy. i will not stay in a forbidden love, i guess i will not be able to stand the guilt and the stress just by thinking about it...
@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
22 Apr 09
I'm sortof almost in that kind of situation. It's forbidden, but not because he's taken already...and he doesn't care that it's not possible right now...but I really do. For his sake, and the fact that I haven't figured out what I want; with the full knowledge that it'd be years even if I did figure it out like...tomorrow. Bleh. I will not endanger someone I care about simply because I'm having a hard time not kissing them, touching them, jumping their bones...I just won't. And I generally mean things I say, so my will won't bend on this thing. ...for others, though; I don't judge others. Everyone's gotta follow their own path...and it really does depend on the circumstances, no?
• India
21 Apr 09
Every relationship have its boundry and its limitation as well. So same case with that type of relationship. You should need to think twice before going in any relationship.
• United States
21 Apr 09
I have never actually been attracted to a forbidden man as in the sence I must win him because hes a challenge. I usually dont have anything to do with men who are forbidden whatever the reasons may be... I have had one though recently who is forbidden and I always thought when this time came it would be a thrill for me because he is forbidden and well its not really working like that. There is no diffrence in feeling when im around him..NOW had he of NOT been forbidden I would have enjoyed him being around so much more.