Do you cancel your travel plan this year?

United States
April 23, 2009 4:58pm CST
Due to the economic recession, many of us might consider saving extra bucks, rather than spend it on enjoying your life at the moment. From the statistics report today, some countries where mainly make money from tourism were suddenly in stagnant. Because many of us might not plan on travel for the spring break or any other reasons. So, do you also cancel your traveling plan at the moment too?
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• United States
27 Apr 09
I'm actually traveling more. Places are cheaper and good deals easier to find. If you are financially stable, now is a good time to travel.
@flowerday (322)
• Singapore
24 Apr 09
hihi..i agree that many people are reconsidering their travelling plans due to the recession..and the impact is really great on nations which depend largely on tourism sector for the country's growth... however for my nation, most citizens are still willing to spend money on travelling, although most trips are not very far.. for me, i have travelled once in jan..and i think i am gonna travel again in june and in july..
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
24 Apr 09
No way would I ever cancel my travel plans due to the economic downturn. I would simply adapt my trip to make it a bit cheaper. One time I was poor so I got a cheap flight to Trieste and then used buses and trains to travel around Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. On that bargain trip I did some camping, stayed in a youth hostel and in a private room. I did it in the summer just before the airfares would have gone up due to it becoming high season. I had to put up with inconvenient flight times and apart from that I had an excellent trip that cost very little money. This year I took my toddler son to Cape Town and the Garden Route and next year I am planning to take him to Canada. I know that many countries rely on the tourist dollar that usually comes in from foreign visitors. It has been sad when natural disasters have kept tourists away for a while. The recession might be long term so it would be sad if most people stay at home rather than go on a trip. There are families that own guest houses and they need visitors to stay there to give them an income. If there are far fewer travelers more airlines are likely to go out of business. To me it is important to still enjoy life and my top hobby is traveling.
• United States
23 Apr 09
I have canceled my traveling plans. I did it actually a while back and got all my money back for it. I was going on a cruise for the boyfriends birthday which is three weeks away not, but we both lost our jobs and we was unable to collect unemployment and i am still unemployed and collecting unemployment. he does work for a friend but not making enough right now and we are struggling but we both make ends meat all the time. We might do something that is less expensive maybe like going to Disney because he can get in free on his birthday and that would be really good. I wish i had a job and was still able to go on the cruise but the hard economic times have hit both us and we still live happy and able to do things.