Girls, are you afraid of ageing?

April 24, 2009 12:55am CST
As time past, people are getting old. Sometimes, I think time is very cool because it make people weaker. Time is also impartial, all of people are equal in the face of time. As a girl, I am afraid of ageing very much. I am afraid the increase of wrinkles on my face; I am afraid of so many disease when I am getting old. Sometimes, I think this kind of fear is because I am immature. I believe that one day I will be mature enought to face ageing bravely. What about you?
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@xParanoiax (6998)
• United States
24 Apr 09
Looking forward to it, actually. I can imagine all I want, how I'll look once I'm well-aged, but I won't really know until I'm there. And if I'm lucky, I'll have taken decent care of myself up to that point so that I'll be a tough old bird xD That's all I care about; the ability to remain active, to still be able to DO things, in my old age. The time for inactivity is when I'm buried and in the ground, dang it! Haha. But then, I don't fear many things much at all. ^_^ Being old, I reckon, might be alot of fun. Diseases, injury? Well that's stuff to look after NOW, isn't it? If you look after it now, it's less likely to be an issue later, since you've built a whole life of good health and non-fearful living -- seems to be a good recipe for an elderly person's good life, to me.
• China
24 Apr 09
Hi,xParanoiax, thanks for your response. Yes,we won't really know that until we are there. Maybe we will find that ageing might not be so auful. Being old might be a lot of fun. I believe I will look forward to ageing one day in future, not very far. Have a good day!^-^