how to make mylot more meaningful to all

@catmei (54)
April 24, 2009 3:48am CST
it seems many come here for money. not only i have the feeling ,i also see someone put up a discussion"if here stop paying, will you stay and discuss" and the discussion may not go deep and wide. i think if here pays and also has some meaning to us, it will be helpful to us all. some i think needs improving: here needs should allows someone to write about his/her feeling,story,or interesting. here needs some paste. for fair, if one has pasted, the discussion can not be compensated. here needs a more rational sorting overall interests. we should not see "earning money" in everyday highlight topics. help find more.
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 09
Welcome to mylot. You are new here and it seems you have not gone deep down to see and realize that there are more benefits to being here then money alone. Mylot is a wonderful place to learn and know a lot about other cultures as mylot is far reaching and this place has more learned people then you ever believe. To be honest, mylot is not a good earning site but a good place to cultivate new friendships while reading the minds of the intellectuals. Be here more and you will know what I am saying. It is of course a delight that mylot pays for what we enjoy doing, ie sharing and learning of knowledge. Happy mylotting.
@catmei (54)
• China
25 Apr 09
quite glad for your point.yeah,i come here not for earning too.and it's quite a delight to find our mylotters treat each discussion in a serious attitude and through the responses i can see their thoughts really shining, so beneficial. i will stay here as long as i can and i think long time means a lot for us and mylot.