What, according to you, is your best quality?

April 24, 2009 6:35pm CST
Hi everyone - we all have our qualities and flaws. God knows, I have lots of flaws but many qualities as well. I think that my best quality is that I am an excellent listener. My friends feel very comfortable coming to me and telling me about their issues because they know that they have all my attention when I am with them and I am always willing to listen everything they have to say. What about you? What is your best quality and would your friends agree?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
16 May 11
I have qualities, but also plenty of flaws. I think, in the category of quality, in giving evidence calm, are a serious person and the word that you are punctual, they are cute, upbeat, joking, are compassionate and generous, and I love my family terribly. The defects fall too confident that people are gullible, but not very hard, but to a certain point, consider a fault that I did not realize anything financially, and I did not dare to venture. Otherwise, I'm a sympathetic nature, which you can rely.
• Southend-On-Sea, England
25 Apr 09
I think people who know me would say my best quality is that I'm very easy-going and don't get worked up about silly little things. I can always see the funny side of any bad situation, and like to pass a sense of positivity about life onto others.
• Philippines
25 Apr 09
i'm not sure what my best quality is but i think it's being a good listener just like you. i pay attention to everything people tell me and i try to store it in my head so i could still remember it the next time. when my friends tell me their problems, i listen to them and pay attention so i could give them really good advices. i just hope my friends noticed my efforts though. lol.
• United States
25 Apr 09
I am always on time, but that goes in hand with one of my faults: I cannot understand why people are not on time, and it aggrivates me even more if it is a meeting and we start late.
• India
25 Apr 09
i really dont like blowing my own trumpet but all right if i had to name one...i guess i would say i like the fact i don't have an inflated ego... atleast thats what my friends tell me...coz i dont have an inflated ego it makes it pretty easy for me to get along with neone and for others to get along with me.... but they even tell me that till the time they didnt personally get to know me they used to think i m very proud!!!
• Canada
24 Apr 09
I'm honestly not sure if anything about myself could really be considered a quality. I guess I'm a fun and care-free person. I'm easy to get along with. I'm kind to generally everyone. It's very, very hard to make me mad... I just don't care enough about anything to be mad at someone for longer than a couple days. I can easily get myself out of situations, although that's not really a quality since Im decieving, lol.