How many Swagbucks do you have right now?

@maezee (32021)
United States
April 24, 2009 11:21pm CST
How many Swagbucks do you have right now and what are you saving up to buy with them? In case you're curious, Swagbucks is a "paid to" search engine, where you're rewarded with a form of "currency" called Swagbucks, which you can save up to buy interesting things. Right now I have 240 Swagbucks and I'm seriously working toward either the iTouch or the iPhone - both which are between 3,000 and 3,800 Swagbucks a piece! (I haven't decided which one I want yet..But it will be a while before I can afford it anyway). What about you? What have you gotten so far, or what are you "saving up" to get on Swagbucks?
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@venmarz13 (736)
• Indonesia
25 Apr 09
so it like myhpf huh?i dont really like my hard to get money there.and the y banned me i dont know what the reason.i only search what i tell me about the swag?and do you think its a legit site?and how about the search we can search anything or not?
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@jedopi (401)
• Canada
15 Jun 09
Wow, that's a lot of swagbucks! I only have nine as I just started two days ago. Any tips on how to earn more?
@carlas (201)
• United States
15 Jun 09
refer people! I only have like 50-something points, but my sister who referred me (she also referred others too) gets the swagbucks from all of the people she referred...
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@maezee (32021)
• United States
16 Jun 09
LOL thanks for the plug, Carla. By the way..You should be going to "respond to discussion" instead of commenting on others' responses. It's what makes you earn, silly goose. And she's right, though. I think I have 450 Swag Bucks right now and about 4 good referrals. They also have a blog. I personally don't do this, because I really don't like wasting my time reading a blog for a couple of Swagbucks a day - but they sometimes give you "promo codes" which will give you a free Swag Buck here or there.
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@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
16 Aug 09
I don't know Swagbucks. They may use for the US zone only.I think they are funny for you doing.
• United States
15 Aug 09
240?! WOW! Good job! I have 24 right now because I recently redeemed 70 for a $5 pal pal card, which did come through and I'm so excited. How long did it take you to save 240 and do you have referrals too? I have some, but they don't go on much so they don't help me at all.
@devideddi (1437)
• United States
4 Aug 09
I have just 3o swagbucks, but it didn't take me long to earn them. I am excited about this program and I hope it works. Have they been around for very long? I havent even looked into the prizes yet. Good topic!