swine flu!!

United States
April 26, 2009 6:25pm CST
I posted about this about 20 hours ago, and I was just wondering if peoples views have changed. I see alot more developments with this epidemic. Is it an epidemic? It is bothering me a bit more now than it was before. How do you feel about this situation? If you posted to the last discussion I had about this, have your feelings changed? If you did not participate in my last discussion on this matter, how do you feel about this Swine Flu? Does it worry you. How will it effect your plans? And again, if there are any fellow mylotters from Mexico here, please describe to us the level of fear that you or your family is feeling. Do you go outdoors? How widespread is it honestly? The news likes to downplay things at times, so give us your take on the conditions in Mexico. Thank you.
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@rsa101 (14890)
• Quezon City, Philippines
28 May 09
Well our country had just recently got confirmed cases of the flu virus. I guess we are already one of those countries that already have cases and some more being watched for this virus. I am not yet worried as there is no reported cases of local infection. Most of the cases reported are either foreigners who came by and got the flu and they are immediately quarantined. So far there is not reported spreading so i am not yet worried. What worries me is how fast the infection is pass from person to person. So right now it seems traveling is not advisable for the everybody. Our local Health officials said that the strain seems to be mild as compared to other flu virus. The only thing that is lacking right now is the unavailability of a vaccine to prevent it from spreading. But if you get infected and your immune system is okay you are more or less able to get cured in time.