Is it necessary to listen to MUSIC while driving a motor vehicle or a car??????

April 26, 2009 7:55pm CST
Listening music comforts us to more extent but it should be prescribed for some incidents only...none should listen to music while driving a is so dangerous that we may not listen to other vehicles and run over by the case of car it may be ok...but don't try hearing to music while driving a moped...
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@Setto24 (122)
• Indonesia
27 Apr 09
NOT, if you driving a motorcycle. Coz it will damage your ears slowly but sure. In several months your ears will get something not good. Just listen the music in the rigth place (make the volume higher only in your room!). It depends on your habit while you driving a car. but make sure that the music not bother the bird 'round your car. hehehe.. I dont mind if you listen to the music while driving. But remember, if only it makes you happy and not make a "disaster" for your mind or your ears. Have a good riding!!
• United States
27 Apr 09
Well I don't know what it's like listening to music while driving a moped but I know it can be distracting while driving. While I was first learning to drive I needed the radio to be off so that I could concentrate on what I was doing. Now it can be relaxing and I hate to hear the silence, but I do drive better with the radio off. Of course we are silly humans for needing our music to be on all the time.