How to react to failures in life?

@cudamani (998)
April 26, 2009 11:41pm CST
The best way to react to failures in life is to have confidence in oneself. Self confidence is the best answer because as long one has that he can combat any situation in life. Many people misconstrue self confidence as over confidence and it is not true. There is certainly a wealth of differnece between the two. A person with self confidence will certainly succeed in life.
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@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
11 Oct 09
The best thing to do about failures is to accept them and find a way not do such failure again. In other words, we could use our failure to succeed by making them as part of our lesson in life. By doing this, life would not be so difficult and every obstacle along the way can easily be solved.
@umamahe (99)
• India
27 Apr 09
failure!!!! people cant afford to hear this word in their life..they run from it..folks failures are the only way to know and analyze yourself..if you fail you will think about why did i fail? what's the reason to fail and all. that give you the spirit to scan yourself. this actually tell you where you are standing currently..failures are steeping stone to success..its a cycle success follows failure and failure follows success..both are part and parcel of life..if you want success you have to taste should not lose hope that is the key..its like playing cricket without opposition.. accepting the other team is most important. when acceptance is total, there is no more opposition.try facing everything with courage..your life will start will become more and more strong from inside..
@rsa101 (15505)
• Quezon City, Philippines
27 Apr 09
Well the best approach for it is to make the failure a good learning experience so that you can avoid such failures from coming back to you. The say that failures are the best teachers in life and that you should learn what is to be learned from that experience of yours. It is just like learning to ride a bike. You would not learn to ride it if you haven't experience falling a couple of times or more. The thing is continue on despite the falls and soon you'll get the hang of it and be a better biker yourself.
@sambilay (175)
• Philippines
27 Apr 09
yes, a person with confidence will really succeed. but not too much confidence because it is bad. everything you do is not always perfect. every decision in life has a corresponding trade-off thus you have to be careful in choosing your destinations.