What do you think about education system ?

@youetme (352)
April 27, 2009 5:32am CST
Education plays a very important role in the development of world . At present in China many children are recieving free and compulsory education of nine years. But there is a serious problem of our education that the system is maily exam-oriented.To myself from elementary school to college ,students ,teachers and even parents all are striving for high scores ,for getting good marks is the only access to good universities and well-paid jobs . This is because the current education system does not aim at improving the students' quality , but only at developing their ability to perform well on examinations .I know there will be a long way to go for education sysetem of quality-oriented . What do you think about education system ?
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@maximax8 (28860)
• United Kingdom
3 May 09
I am a primary school teacher in my home country. I have to give six and seven year old exams and they hate that. I feel mean even giving tests to children of five years old. It is foolish that the education system places so much importance on exam results. I know that measuring success in lessons when younger and in coursework when older would show how well each student is doing. My teenage son did his first GCSE exam at 13 years old. That was a unit of his Maths and he has more exams in June. He knows that in this recession he should stay in education so he needs good grades.
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
1 May 09
Being a former Educator of 27 years I think all countries are making a mistake by stressing Exams. What Exams measure are how much do you remember. We should be stressing critical thinking and innovative thought. Students should think for themselves and know how o get information. Exams, while good, only measure one part of a persons education.
@mimimeow (295)
• Hong Kong
29 Apr 09
That's what I hate about the education in the Asian world. Everything is all about scores. And the most terrible thing is you are a loser if you have lower mark then your neighbour!! You are absolutely right about their exam-oriented. I am not being offensive, not to say the quality of children, the quality of people in country like China is quite low. They know nothing about manner, politeness, principals. Sometimes, they make me wonder what is the difference between them and Barbarian? I suppose even the ancient Chinese education system is better than the one now. At least, the educated were civilised. And I will blame the governments for that. Because it's their responsibility to develop a good healthy education system. Revolution is required and a well-planned strategy is essential, all else it will a messy change just as in Hong Kong. Education system there has been changing like every 4 years on average from primary to tertiary. It is frustrating to see such a "well-planned" revolution.
@kometer (151)
• China
29 Apr 09
China's education system sucks.I agree with you.Change must be made.
• India
29 Apr 09
Education is a continous process.It is a never ending pocess.It starts from mother's womb to tomb.It is a act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge.It is the only wealth that cannot be robbed.It is the series of instruction and discipline.Education is the over all development of a person.so that children should get good education in manner,art and science.Childrens are the capital of nation.A man without education is equal to animal.Education is the foundation of good citizens.Today's education system is mainly depends upon mark that must change.