do you prefer long distance relationships?

@jcbelle (152)
April 27, 2009 9:16am CST
I do not consider long distance relationships. Though I had two boyfriends before who lived miles away from me, unfortunatley it did not take long. After, five months I broke up with them. For me, I see it as unhealthy for the couple to lived far from each other. Partners will find it hard to know each other more until they are together. Do not get me wrong, guys. This is just my own opinion based on my experiences. Can you share your views?
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
1 May 09
I don't think they work. It is difficult to keep in touch with long distance relationship. What if things get deeper? How are you going to keep in touch. After quite some time having an online relationship is not enough. You have to proceed to the next level. I do share your views.
@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
29 Apr 09
yes long distance relationships really dont prolong that much... but hopefully soon when i and my fiance will be away for awhile., still our love wont change...
@Porcospino (20886)
• Denmark
27 Apr 09
I have had a couple of long distance relationships in my life. When I met my ex-boyfriend I lived in the north of Denmark and he lived in the other end of the country. We had a long distance relationship for a year and a half and we were only able to meet once or twice a month. It was hard to live like that and I often missed him, but we managed to stay together despite the distance between us. After a year and a half we wanted to move in together and I left my town and moved to his part of the country.
@LifeGuru (923)
• Canada
27 Apr 09
Personally, I do not trust or believe in long distance relationships for one bit. Though others have been known to be successful with that sort of stuff, but me since I'm young, I do not choose to be in one of those since you'll never know if someone's cheating, etc. Or the contact flow is just not happening much anymore. I had many internet BFs back in my day but they all turn out to be weird and people who I thought they were, were not the people who I thought they are. Back last may I found out that this guy had a dirty sick secret with things since he believed in incest I was sickened and dumped his butt since #1, I had feelings for someone else, #2 he's the one who jumped into conclusion on me wanting to date him but I didn't, 3# he wans't really my type #4 I thought he'd be a good rebound from my previous relationship but it didn't work. So I was in this singles bet with my cousins and we'd see who'd stay single the longest, so there were like 3 of us just chilling. One of us got back with their ex, so it was up to my other close cousin and I to finish off the bet. We both lost at the same time since we went to this party and ironically we hooked up with this guy and his friend. I ened up with her former 10 minute boyfriend once she found out the name of the guy I took to the dance floor was the name of the guys she loves going out with and I got stuck with his friend which was awkward at first but we seemed to enjoy eachother's company though he wasn't much of a talker at first but later on that night we talked and laughed a lot had so much fun and stuff. It lasted for a long while as I can remember until he just had to go away for good (pass on). But hey that's life. What ever happens with relationships, just let it happen. Long distance short distance, what ever. As long as you're happy with the person and madly in love with them that the both of you could never take your eyes off each other. That's what love is right? It's not like some booty call! You just need to sit around and wait a little longer for that right person to come, internet relationships are just people rushing to get into ones. Try to find someone that's close to you, sometimes they'd come along when you least expect it. And you'll be happy when you do because you'll know by instinct that they were the right person who'd never leave your side. Who knows, may be one day you'd get married to this Mr. Right and brag to your friends about it. There's no need to rush with these sort of things, it just magically happens. :) I wish you best of luck for someone to come along your path that you'll get to know better and love for the rest of your life.
• Bangladesh
27 Apr 09
Yes I know the phrase "out of site Out of minds".No I dont like 'far far away Kingdom' relationships.