What exactly is digg, twitter, etc..??

April 28, 2009 3:35am CST
Guys, i have a blog. I'm very new to this world of blogging.....i've seen digg & twitter & many more on many other blogs...please tell me what exactly those stuffs are. Do they help to increase visitors? Can we earn from them? :P What gadgets do u use in your blog? Blogspot have "Add gadget" option but i dont know to use it to the fullest. I wanna earn a few dollars from my blog daily so i've added adbrite, bidvertiser and a few more but they are making my blog open slow!! Is there any way to increase the speed at which my blog opens when a visitor open??
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@re08dz (1941)
• Australia
28 Apr 09
Hi, I can't help you with the blogspot problems (I'm a wordpress fan) but those sites you mention are all pretty much social network sites - twitter for example is known as a microblog - you can only post 140 characters at a time and it's displayed on your little twitter widget (or twitter page etc) where your friends/followers can see it - you can converse with others. Digg is where people who like your article/post can digg it then others visiting the digg site will see it and hopefully follow the link back to your site. There's a heap of others - stumbleupon etc - and yes they can all help to bring traffic to your site - as a direct way to make money then no. Though having said that I keep hearing talk about some new way of earning from twitter - but to me it sounds awfully spammy and scammy and not something I'd be interested in.
• India
28 Apr 09
hmmm.....that still a bit confusing :( I can't get what exactly twitter...maybe its not for me!
• Angola
29 Apr 09
Twiter is a very effective medium of delivering short term content on the web and mobile devices, and is one of the most effective barometres for breaking news ever intended. If there is a bomb in xxx, the spike of report will be noted on twitter before CNN..:) Digg serves as useful tool for epople inundated by potential spource of information, it agregates large number of news articles on psecific topics and let's user rate them, which provides people with a very effective way of finding things of interest without wasting time. Yes they can increase number of your visitors, but depends also about the item on YOUR BLOG.