Strange Days

@reasco1 (299)
United States
April 29, 2009 8:46am CST
I've been working with the public most of my life and what I've come to realize is that people can be very strange with their attitudes and demeaner. Right now I work in a public library in a urban hood and it can get a little crazy when school lets out and those bad kids get out of school, don't get me wrong I love kids but these kids these days have know respect for anyone including them selves they live too rebel against anything they find a threat too their daily routine. Now some of the kids that come in the library are very nice and respectful and I salute their parents. Speaking of parents they can be quite a hand full as well but you learn too deal with each patron in a different way but all with an upbeat attitiude and clear mind. We all are people with different challenges and problems but together it will all pass for the good of our 21st century world. But I'll tell you the next time someone comes too me and say excuse me sir, I'll smile and say yes.
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@maezee (33396)
• United States
29 Apr 09
As we speak, I'm actually AT my city's library, which is kind of ghetto and has a bunch of teenagers with their phones ringing and with them yelling and stuff. It's kind of annoying, but it seems like no matter what the librarian asks them to do - they won't do it. I've seen the police get called a couple of times so that they can force kids to leave or to quit play-fighting, and it's kind of sad to see that they don't have respect for the environment that they're in. I deal with some strange people, too, on a day to day basis. I work at a dry cleaners, and I can't think of any interesting details offhand, but each customer we have has their own quirks. It can be cute & funny, but it can also be weird and annoying.
@reasco1 (299)
• United States
30 Apr 09
I guess thats the world we live in all over America, thanks for comment.