Does this Swin flu epidemic Remind you of the movie The Stand?

United States
April 29, 2009 10:18pm CST
I have been reading and looking up on swin flu it seems to be spreading rapidly if you have watched the movie The stand you kinda see that its seems to be spreading quickly just like the flu did in movie, do you think maybe writers might get dreams of future happenings but just write them as fiction because they don't know they have a second sight or that they might know the truth but scared to really tell anyone due to people saying they crazy or need to be put on meds. I would like your opinions on what you think about some of the things that are happening around us and its already been in a movie or book.
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• United States
30 Apr 09
Yes! That was my first thought when all of this started. Hopefully this flu won't be that bad though. I do think it is rather odd that alot of things that come out in movies do eventually come true. It makes you wonder. :)
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
I haven't seen the movie "The Stand" but I think this swine flu epidemic is really becoming worse. It might be nature's way of lashing back at us for what we're doing to it. I just hope this can be contained and won't spread out anymore.