How neat we can keep our computer table neat ?

@subi21 (72)
April 30, 2009 2:40am CST
I am asking you all how are you keeping your computer table those who uses it regularly. On my table there are CPU & accessories, Speakers, a small table clock, a pen stand, some notepads, books , 2 /3 files, a telephone, a bottle drinking water and the wires of desktop. All these together seems to be a mess. Please share how you are keeping it well.
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@laiza14 (593)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
i always make sure that when i use something like a cable,i return it to teh proper place after using it so there will always be a space for my computer. i also make it a point to remove or wipe any dust that is present on my workspace, because it not good to make your space messy.
@subi21 (72)
• India
30 Apr 09
Thanu for your response. actually my table is not dusty, it is clean. only thing is it is congested with all those items.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
21 Dec 12
My danger and sweet hubby always do the neat and clean of their Computer table but I am lazy in this work. He like always the place is neat and clean weekly spend some time for it.
@vidhi169 (108)
• India
25 Nov 11
To keep your computer table clean only place the things which you need. Many peoples keep their computer table dirty, but i use to keep my computer table clean. On my computer table i just place my laptop, my cell phone,pen holder, a notepad, and a water bottle.
@scififan43 (2440)
• United States
1 May 09
On my computer table I have one laptop computer, one printer, one DSL modem, a landline telephone, a webcam, and a headphone set. There is also a penceil holder, a photoframe with a picture, and some DVD and CD disk sitting on the table. There is also some odd scap papar and a notebook as well. I do try to keep the area tidyed up but things can become messey from time to time. However all of my wires form the compter to moden to printer and telephone dangle behind the talbe and are out of the way. except for the phone wire and the headphones. they tend to go accross the table. over all I try to keep the wiring behind the table. also any paper and printing matearls are in selfts under the table.
@rakesh284 (1473)
• India
30 Apr 09
I have also many things on my table. There are different cds, pen stand, head-phones, speakers, mobile charger, Spike guard, point extension, my two small dairies, pen drive, Hard-drive, watch, wallet, glasses, a small picture of god, etc. There are many thing just on the top of the table. There is even printer, modem, TV Tuner device, Web-camera, etc. There are many accessories but some I am not using regularly. But I am cleaning my table twice-thrice in a month so that there is no dust on it.
@med889 (5958)
30 Apr 09
There is a woman in the office who cleans my table everyday and at home my mom does it, but when she gets angry then I got to do it all.;-)