Would you steal if an employee gave you permission?

United States
April 30, 2009 6:54pm CST
I was at United with my dad and had tossed a small doggie bone in the basket. It was only $.69 and was a dental bone for small dogs. When the checkout lady emptied the basket, I guess she missed it. After everything was bagged, I glanced in a few of the bags to see where it was, then decided to wait until we unpacked to find it. Well, the bag dude came over to take the basket out for us and he saw it still in the basket, outside of the bags. He asked if it was mine and I said yes. Then I wondered if it had gotten missed by the check-out girl. SO I mentioned that and asked my dad for the receipt. Bag dude said not to worry about it, that kind of thing happens all the time. I scoured the receipt and couldn't find it. He said again, it's ok, don't worry about it. I told him I wasn't going to steal it. He said it was OK, stuff happens, not my fault, don't worry about it. I ignored him and took it out of the basket and put it back. (My Dad had kept walking to the car, and I didn't have any $, so I couldn't go back and pay for it). He may have thought I was being rediculous, but I don't see where he has the authority to decide if I should steal or not. Had he been the Owner of the store of at least General Manager, maybe. I don't even know if I would then. Yes it was less than a dollar, but the principle is more important than the cost. I may be the only person who would go to this extreme, but I hope not. Would you?
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@LadyMarissa (12161)
• United States
1 May 09
Did you think that maybe he wasn't asking you to steal??? I live in Georgia. Here, if a product rings up at the wrong price, they give it to you for free. This item rang up wrong. Your items were already rang up. Maybe as an act of customer service, the bag boys were instructed to just let it go unless it was a really large item/amount. You said the cashier asked to see the receipt. What did she say after looking at the receipt??? Had she rang it up & it just didn't make it into a bag or did she tell you to go on after she realized you had no money??? Is your Dad a thief??? He wasn't willing to pay for it as you said he just kept on walking to the car. Maybe the bag boy was hoping you'd increase his tip if he gave it to you. Maybe he was just doing his job as instructed by the company. Maybe he just didn't care.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
1 May 09
If the employee said that he would pay for it, then it would be all right but only if I see the employee pay for it and if he did, he would have been a friend of mine who knew I loved dogs, or something like that. But this employee just wanted you to steal. Who knows if he wanted you to get in trouble, as soon as you leave, say "that girl did not pay for that doggie bone!" So it was good that you did not listen to him. and even if the manager of the store of the owner said to you, that it was all right, there has to be a good reason for you to keep it - like balloons and confetti falling on your head, an announcement that you are the 1000th customer, etc. I would return it. I hope that employee got a dressing down.
• Canada
30 Apr 09
I'm unsure what I would do. It would depend on what it was and how much it was worth, and also probably on my mood that day. It was good of you to go back and pay for it, though.