different kind of depression

@willy6 (492)
May 1, 2009 8:57pm CST
There are different kind of depression. They are distinquish by how serious the cases are. For one to have major depression disorders, it occur with symptoms that last for most of the day, nearly everyday for at least two weeks. It is recognize by bad mood a noticable decrease interest in pleasure or most activities. There are four additional symptoms can be seen. Great weight loss, or weight gain, increase in appetite, lost of energy. Depression is a serious case, one should try to know in what stage they are in and seek help
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
8 Oct 10
I use to manage depression, listening musiq, playing violen and i like chocolates, and i feel i get refreshed after having my chocolates. And best remedy is Meditation, try breathing exercise, it will help you balance and handle depression.
@betsyhu (207)
• China
2 May 09
Depression, now, is more and more people maybe have, for pressure from all kinds of life, addtion to adjust ourselves away from bad emotion , we have to release stress and change viewpoint in the face of our life.
• India
2 May 09
hi ya there are different kind of depression some lasts for months and some years and some weeks even i am unable to marry no proper income unable to protect my mom and me. struggling for success in life if v dont succeed then v fall into depression that is happening to me dont know how to come out of it.. bye luv shek india
@buenavida (8320)
• Sweden
2 May 09
Yes, there are many symptoms and of course many reasons to depression. One of them could be wrong diet. Our brain needs food and that is the right kind of fats. 60% of the brain consists of fats.. I have suffered from depression for many years but when I understood that I did not have enough of Omega3 fats in my diet, I started taking cold pressed Salmon Oil and am feeling much better since some years. My memory is better and the imagination too - and as this good fat is great for the whole body, it helps me to minimize aces and pains - it feeds my cells that also need omega3 fats in the membrane. I have also been taking cold pressed vegetable oils, an optimal combination that makes the salmon oil work even more efficiently. Where did I learn about these important fats? From some top scientists that are working with food supplements from www.gnld.com a 50 year old company.
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
2 May 09
I can't agree with you enough that if you believe you are suffering from depression, seek help because help is out there. My husband is a Vietnam vet who dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression on his own for over 30 years. He dealt with it by being a workaholic, being reckless and sometimes drinking too much. When his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Hospice entered into the picture they encouraged him to contact the V.A. and to seek treatment for his problems. He has been followed by a psychiatrist ever since and is in a much better state of mind thanks to treatment, medication and meeting me. It is possible to feel better. My husband has felt better...for the most part...for six years now.