what's your studying way after graduate from the college ?

@pinetree (218)
May 3, 2009 5:20am CST
In the society we have something to learn ,what 's your stuy way after graduate from university ?
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@shibham (17025)
• India
3 May 09
hai pinetree, i am a college lecturer in assamese( modern indian language). but i thought that i shall do MA in maths. but in my higher secondery years i did some wrongs for which i had to change my ambition. that time i felt that i should follow my heart's order and i did so. and now i am a good position. so do as your heart says. every destination has their own value. keep it up.
@pinetree (218)
• China
8 May 09
thank you ,every destination has their own value !
• Ireland
3 May 09
Havent completelly decided yet since im still in my first year .... so im thinkinh History Philosophy or Psychology