drknlvly6781 Update Part 1: What's going on with you???

United States
May 5, 2009 1:06pm CST
I know many people here have been wondering just where I was exactly. I figure the best way I can tell them is to make a few discussions!!! In this one, I will tackle the first reason why I have been here so sporadically lately. For those who know me, they will remember that when I started coming here I was going to school for business. I then got a job at the local Gas and electric company, which I allowed to be my reason for failing all of my classes. Now I am back in school for business. Although I was sad that I had to withdraw from the other school, its seeming to be a blessing in disguise because here I have smaller classes, a better job placement rate once I graduate, and the teachers here see my talents and want to hire me on as soon as I have been here a couple of terms. So, how many of you decided to go back to school after a long period of absence? What is it that you do? Did you ever have to stop going to a school for any reason? Have you ever discovered a blessing in disguise when changing schools?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
7 May 09
I have not gone back to school, but I do learn things on line. It depends on what you are like. For me, learning on my own, and one on one is the best way, and for others, having a small class (like you) is best, and for others they need a big class. I did change schools when I was in high school, but things went from bad to worse. Had I stayed at my old school, I would have gone to university while the new school was more into vocation and practical stuff.
• United States
8 May 09
Do realize Suspensful, that it is never too late to go back to school. As we speak my grandmother is online at school right now, finishing her associates in Human Resources, and getting ready to go back in for her bachelors. Since you are always online, and like the one-on-one style of teaching maybe you should consider going to a school online. There are many courses and many schools available online, and that is like learning one on one, because it will be just you, your computer, and sometimes your teacher, depending on the course, online.
@patgalca (14756)
• Orangeville, Ontario
5 May 09
I really never want to ever go to school again. I graduated from high school, went to university for three months and then dropped out. I have no desire to go back. I do take part in writing workshops and seminars, which may be considered schooling but really I'm listening and learning and not writing tests, studying, etc. My sister, however, went back to school at the age of 50. She had no post-secondary schooling previously. The only thing I have considered is perhaps getting a real estate license. The only thing stopping me is that most of the work is done on evenings and weekends because that's when people are available to view houses. And I would probably have to leave town to take a course (though I haven't actually looked into it). I'm not up to commuting. Donald Trump was on The View this morning. I only caught a bit because I had to run out but he did say something about persevering. Someone asked what happens if something isn't working. He said, then change course but don't give up. Sounds like that's what you are doing. Good for you.
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• United States
5 May 09
Yep, that is me. There are certain things that I will do with my life, and I won't let anything to deter me from it. That is, to graduate school with a bachelor's in business, start a business from home that helps people, and have time for my kids when they are doing after school activities. I have had many upsets in reaching this goal, but I haven't given up. Thanks for your response and encoragement.