I want to know this is true or not (Email sending or Process jobs)

May 8, 2009 4:27am CST
hi , During searching of online jobs in google, i searched the query emailsendingjobs, the result of the google pages shows the emailsendingjobs.com site. I read the job description about th email sending job, they demand to but the pdf for $10. Can any one say me this is worthable job or scam. Can any one know about email process or sending jobs
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• India
28 May 09
Hi, There is a genuine company (ANNAI INFO TECH) in INDIA that pays you for sending email. But intital investment is required and the company will return back the money that you have invested on a monthly basis. For details on www.annaiinfo.com look into www.karthikdd.webs.com Still if you have further queries mail me at karthik_d@bigstring.com or contact me at +91-9884284081. Regards Karthik
• India
8 May 09
See, these sites are all fake and they will have a concept 10$ registration fee. They are all simply created a site for faking people in the name of e-mail, or online jobs..So you better try another one that suits you
@owlwings (39872)
• Cambridge, England
8 May 09
Scam. Never pay for that kind of information.