Do you fall in love easliy?

May 10, 2009 9:37am CST
We could be attracted to anyone easily but fall in love? Are you that kind of person? Well, I am, honestly. Do you think it's okay to be one? I know the odds fairly. Easy fall, easy break right? But, if that happens (like you thought you're in love and he/she feels the same way too..but in the long run doesn't) and many other scenarios of falling in a trap called love, we take the consequences. Now, do you fall in love easily?
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• Philippines
4 Jan 10
I'm one of those who get easily attracted to anyone...but easily fall in a big NO,NO for me...cause i know that i can get hurt by falling easily especially when you only fall because of their appearance..i mean we fall because they're cute or handsome...but what if they're already taken..a fast broken heart right..???...well not all of the cases of easily falling in love are like that...some are of happy ending...but still i don't intend to fall that easily because i hate it when i get hurt & i feel depresses me so much....but we can't stop our hearts from loving and being attracted to others can we? maybe easily falling in love...maybe every once in a while it's a good thing..?..i mean you can learn from mistakes right..?
• Philippines
18 May 09
Not really. ^_^ I'm the person who easily get attracted to a guy but falling in love with him right away, a big NO. ^_^ I don't consider it love when that happens. ^_^
@qiuying (28)
• China
15 May 09
yeah!i have to admit that just i am this kind of person.easily i tend to be attracted by some detailed merits ,such as being considerate,gentel,and the like,from these boys.last spring festive,i fell in love with my classmate in my high school and took brave to tell what i was feeling,but to my unsatisfactory,he know i was in great sadness.after coming back to my university,i shift my attention to that guy who follows me ,i foud he is also very is charming and is the kind of i like.just like this i start to fall into another's roommate told me before that do be kind to ourselves as girls.i take it as my priciple of my life.only if i am happly and don't hurt anybody,i just enjoy my life of the every minute.have a great day when reading my reply.
@soulist (2987)
• United States
14 May 09
I do tend to fall in love easily and fast. The man I am dating I fell in love with rather fast, and he fell fast too. We both admitted we were actually trying NOT to fall in love because we know we fall fast. We beated around the bush for weeks before we actually said I love you haha. Sometimes I think it is a good thing, but other times it's bad because then it is harder to break up and hurts more when I find out the guy didnt feel the same way. But with this relationship I think we will be together for quite some time.
@mbs2323 (256)
• Malaysia
10 May 09
Hurm I'm not sure myself. But yes I am easily attracted to someone but I forget the person easily too. I think it's because I like to purposely discover their bad habits or anything bad that has got to do with em. Just to keep myself away from the attraction. I feel bad towards my boyfriend when I'm attracted to someone else. Well I guess I'm in love then! Hehe :D My current boyfriend is the only one I've fallen in love with so far. And I hope it remains forever.
@russso (1701)
• Philippines
10 May 09
I don't fall in love easily. I usually take my time in getting to know the other person. I want to be sure of myself and with what I am feeling... that's it's not just infatuation. I am cautious because I definitely give it my all when I am in love :D