THE SAME OLD QUESTION.....When Are The Beatles Are Going to Get Back Together??

May 11, 2009 12:33am CST
What a Story: Always this one was the most used question for the... Both Boss Beatles!! In 1975 Paul Whote a song about the answer to the "Same Old Question!" When Are The Beatles Gonna Get Back Together? The Song is called: " Call Me Back Again" even late 1978 He Sang " I`ve Had Enough" You Can Find it in the "Venus & Mars" and in the London Town" from The Wings!! John Lennon for this, used to say: " Tomorrow...tomorrow" But when Someone Asked him about it, He replied: ...If it Happen,I`ll Enjoy it!! Ringo Starr Always wanted the Reunion !! George Harrison said: The Beatles Died For Selfish!! Ringo always took his old friends to record a LP whit them!!!! George & Ringo were always playing together!! In 1973 Ringo ,John & George Did in studio "I`m The Greatest" and this was the Most Important Almost Reunion!! Two Days After;Paul & Linda were into Studios to do " Six Ò Clock" with Ringo!! What do you think??
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• United States
21 Jun 09
well i dont know about you, but two of them wouldnt be there if they did a reunion!
• United States
27 May 09
The Beatles can never get back together since two of their members are not alive anymore.
• Trinidad And Tobago
21 May 09
There's little doubt that this foursome gave the world the best pop songs of an era! Their composing livewires JOHN LENNON and PAUL MC CARTHY were the inspiration behind their most popular hits. If that sicko did not end Paul's productive life so needlessly,who knows how much the world would have gained in the way of enjoyable music! But,chin up ,and move on............. It is reality, the Beatles will never get together in this incarnation.
@chardyme (1633)
• Philippines
20 May 09
This was a great story that I haven't heard til now. I'm one of the million and millions of Beatles fanatic. I surely hope that they should have reunite during those times. Too bad now because there are only 2 remaining Beatles alive so there will be no more reunion for the Beatles. But in our heart and our minds, they are still reunited in music.
• United States
14 May 09
I wish they could--the Beatles are one of my favorite bands but seeing as half the band have already passed on, I don't think there'll be a reunion. Unless of course, they try to replace the missing members...but I don't think many fans would like that.
@mrtimharry (1180)
11 May 09
Well Paul and Ringo played a few weeks ago on stage together - but I get the feeling it might be a bit difficult to get the other two on stage playing with them.