Which do u prefer?Wedge or heels?

May 11, 2009 1:47am CST
Hey woman! yes you! or any my lotters out there! I was just wondering...Which do you guys prefer? Wedge or those heels? I used to love heels! really! I mean I adore them..but now that I get visible veins. I am trying to lose them... I mean the visible veins.. so I go for the wedge thou I use heels sometimes too.... so how about you? Wedge or heels?
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@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
11 May 09
Ok, so i'm not a lady but i do love ladies who wears heels. I don't know but for me, it's the sexiest footwear ladies can wear. I guess it kind of makes the legs a lot slender, don't you think? I think it makes the ladies look classy too if worn properly of course! Wedge is ok but maybe for everyday use. I'm curious though, how high are your heels?
• Philippines
11 May 09
hahaha! funny you replied to my post even if you are not a woman. But you do have a point there! this is also why I like wearing heels! I wear 2-3inches high... :)
@ungu89 (2001)
• Malaysia
7 Nov 12
i love both,but wearing them really take my patience .so i will just wearing heel more to any function or special even .it think woman look more sexy in heel
• United States
7 Sep 10
I love both wedges and heels and since my feet are already adjusted to wearing heels, I can switch up different types of shoes without my feet feeling in pain
• Philippines
25 Oct 09
I prefer wedges.I walk comfortably in long distances using wedges.with heels,I can walk comfortably in long distances only when I use 2 inch heels.if I have to wear heels in the office,I have to wear flats on my way there.I'll just change my shoes once I get to the office.
@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
10 Jun 09
I still call wedges heels because they're all tall shoes that I generally can't wear. I don't know how wedges will help you lose your varicose veins though?
@tuyakiki (3026)
• India
11 May 09
I prefer flats on ordinary days especially when shopping.I also prefer slippers sometimes. It's comfortable wearing it than with heels.I can move freely on any kind of surface freely wearing those flats or slippers. But I prefer heels for special occasions like weddings, formal parties, etc. I also wear it in seminars or other official parties to add me some heights. Heels looks pretty and it is also sexy.