Leahy Take on Cheney...

@iriscot (1290)
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May 13, 2009 5:25pm CST
"I don't know if this is the run-up to the book the vice president is writing and hoping it will boost sales," Leahy said, "but it is very interesting to notice the former president is not going on every single TV station to say the same kinds of thing." He added that while Cheney has a First Amendment right to say such things, "I think it is somewhat unseemly. ...I wish that when we were trying to get the documents and material from him, and he was refusing to do that when he was trying to block our subpoenas, that he felt the same way." http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/05/13/1931044.aspx
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14 May 09
I had not heard he had a book coming out. But then I have tried not to pay much attention to Cheney once he left office. 8 years of him is enough. I am not interested in reading his book. As for Bush. He said he would not publicly speak about anything to do with his time in office or the current political situations as a sign of respect to the new president. There can only be one president at a time. He says Obama deserves Bush's "silence" so that he can do his job without distractions. Too bad Cheney does not think the same thing.
@anniepa (27240)
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13 May 09
I think I heard a few others on TV say something about him having a book coming out. I'm not sure if he's already working on it or if it's just an assumption since they ALL write books after leaving office or an Administration. I think it makes sense because I can't imagine the D1ck doing anything without there being something in it for him. That's how he arranges hi priorities. Annie