i got payed from my lot today

United States
May 14, 2009 2:34pm CST
i got paid from mylot today it kind of makes you want to keep posting.i have been away from here for a few days .i have just been really busy with every thing going on.its good to know there is a site that will really pay.
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@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
6 Jun 09
Congratulations! Mylot is very dependable with their payments, I have always gotten my payments on the 15th or a couple of days before, they have never been late with a payment not even one day. It is nice to know that we can count on being paid by this wonderful website.
@Nhey16 (2519)
• Philippines
29 May 09
wow... that's a great news for you deedeehall :) keep posting and have a great day.
• India
29 May 09
Hello my friend deedeehall Ji, I think for me it was around 15th of May, and then I withdrew only around 18th, which means another one week for getting transfered to my account. So we can say taht every month we get paid by 3rd week of the month, earned upto last day of previous month. May god bless You and have a great time.
@isawu2 (97)
• Canada
15 May 09
If noticed the more discussions I start and post to the more I get paid. I love being on here so I can share the crap.
• United States
14 May 09
lucky you i didnt get paid yet and i been over $10 i went and check to see if my preferences said $10 and it did, so why didn't i get paid yet.
@LadyMarissa (12161)
• United States
14 May 09
myLot pay day is beautiful is it not??? This is the ONLY day I smile when I see my earnings going down!!!
@Citychic (4078)
• United States
14 May 09
I got payed... Good for you. I was just reading about somebody whose money just disappeared from out of their paypal account. I guess I will go back and read the whole article. You were real lucky to get yours. It sort of make me think that I'd better hurry up and get mine out b4 it's gone but I wanted to try to get it to a certain amount b4 I decided to take it out. Now I'm really starting to wonder??? Anyways congratulations and i hope you will keep on mylotting. It's good to meet nice people here. Stay encouraged!
@roboid (205)
• Romania
14 May 09
I am glad for you my friend. I am glad that I'm a part from a serious site that pais his members. Happy mylotting :)