Are you ready for a laugh? And Khuay didn't do it!!!

@Loverbear (4928)
United States
May 15, 2009 1:11am CST
It's been an incredible two days. First my BF got rear ended on his motorcycle yesterday. He's fine, just a "bit" sore. I brought him and his friend home and they both crawled into their respective beds. I went up to check my BF several times during the evening. It was the first trip up to visit my BF, and I walked out into the yard and there was a deer standing there munching my tree leaves. As I started down the driveway it spooked the deer, who couldn't remember how she got in the yard. So after dashing around madly for a few minutes she went through some of the decorative fencing that blocks off a three foot drop. The fencing got stuck on her head and you could hear it hitting the ground as she bounded down the street. Well yours truely didn't want to get in the way of the paniced deer, so I backed towards the front door, but when she took off with my fence I bolted after. Here I am in my flip flops running like a maniac after a deer wearing my fence!!! I finally caught up with the two of them (the fence and deer) at the bottom of the hill. She tossed the fencing off and took off like crazy across the fields. I picked up the fence and walked back towards my house laughing to myself thinking of the sight of me chasing my fence on the deer's neck. I went up and checked my BF and came home. Then around 2 a.m. I went up to check him again, and as I was walking up the hill I shined my flash light to one side of the road. I jumped about 6 feet straight up and four feet sideways!!! I saw a "snake". Then I screwed up my courage and went close to check out my dangerous beast. We had had high winds that day and a lot of branches came off the oak trees, and the branches had Spanish moss on them. Yes, you guessed it, my "snake" was a squiggly twig covered with moss. At least I didn't have a heart attack on the spot. I thoroughly enjoyed the break from the stress of the guys getting wiped out on their bikes (I spent from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the ER at our local hospital...YUCK) What made it so wonderful was that they weren't badly hurt, just majorly pissed.
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