Is msn top site to make new friends?

@Dasari100 (3803)
Anantapur, India
May 15, 2009 6:48am CST
I don't have Msn id and email so i would like to know that is Msn is really good site than other sites so how long have you been using this site. How do you feel by using that site? is the easy way to make good friends in msn? when you have joined and which is the top messenger site
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@Canellita (12058)
• United States
18 May 09
I don't spend much time on those making friends sites because I just don't have the time and they are not that good for forging real relationships with real people. The best way to find friends is to go out and meet real people.
@Dasari100 (3803)
• Anantapur, India
19 May 09
It is always good to meet the real people instead of fake friends because in the society we can see many of them for different reasons they make friendship with us.
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• Brazil
19 May 09
I'm with you... Is true, if you really want meet people and making friends, go to street, make a trip...
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• Singapore
19 Feb 10
I've been using MSN messenger for more than eight years. It's a really good place for you to communicate with your friends instantly for most countries. However, for USA, it would be better to use AIM and for China, it would be better to use QQ as they are more popular in these countries. I'm not sure how easy it is to make friends online using that because I only add friends that I know offline.
@med889 (5958)
4 Jun 09
I have msn and it is just because I want to keep in touch with old friends. When I asked for a way to chat with them they gave me the idea to create an account on msn to be more quicker. I see close friends through web cam and we send messages so It is wonderful for me. I also made new friends and it is a good to have msn still on my laptop. I have been using it for 5 years now and I like it very much. It is easy to make friends and a bit difficult to get new best friend, because we do not know strangers after all in 4 or 5 days. It takes time to get well known and becomes very goo friends.
@JenInTN (27564)
• United States
19 May 09
Hi Dasari! I've been usuing msn for a very long time. I used to play on msn games and made a lot of friends doing so. You could add them to your "buddy" list and chat and play games at the same time. I do have Yahoo messenger but I use Msn a lot more.
@youless (94716)
• Guangzhou, China
15 May 09
I think MSN is one of the softwares to make friends. But in fact I seldom to be bothered by strange in MSN. So perhaps ICQ will be better since there can be many strangers talk to me if I turn it on. ICQ may allow you to make friends easily. Besides, I think Facebook is also a good website to make friends. I love China