Carb Diet

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May 16, 2009 10:13am CST
You all have heard about the carb diet. I am going to fill you in on the pros and cons. When your on this diet you slowly cut out carb like bread, pasta, cake, potatoes and soda and mostly what you will be eating is meat and vegetables. The meat you will eat includes, chicken, pork, steak and fish. In the beginng you will have to be very strict and measure everything. Doing this diet can make you lose alot of weight in alittle amount of time. The bad part is that most people love pasta, breads and everything you can't eat on this diet. If you are on this diet for and long period of time you will lose weight and feel good about yourself but you have started carb again you will gain it all back and maybe some more. When starting on it it's almost like you have to stay on it to lose weight or montain it. This diet takes alot of will power. This diet is also bad for your health it cause high chlorestrol, heart attacks, and heart problems because of all the meats and high in sodium foods that you consume with this diet. It causes artary blockage as well. It is a fast way to lose weight but in a very unhealthy way. Mr atkins the guy who created this carb diet died from his own diet. Something to think about before concidering the carb diet.
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29 Apr 10
I have been on Atkins for almost a month now. I have lost 15 pounds and have gone down 2 dress sizes! how exciting! Being on the Atkins takes so much determination and will power. It it is hard to stay on track when you have food right in front of you. True, there are alot of controversies about the diet, but bottom line, IT WORKS! And if you read up on the concept, and truly understand how this diet works, it totally makes sense.
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17 May 09
Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I have heard of this diet but never did try it. That is very scary.