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May 17, 2009 2:46am CST
I have had a blog for around six months and feel a little confused/disappointed that it is not as fabby as I feel it should be. I can see from my flag counter that I am getting worldwide visitors - great and that I have 4 followers - good. I maybe beeing too harsh on myself or I may be correct in thinking it should be doing better. Now I appreciate thta with these things it is all about TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC and more TRAFFIC. But I am beginning to think that my main problem here is that when I started I wanted to create like a mini supermarket - a blog that had a bit of everything I loved and stood for, but my recent research seems to be showing me that in order to make it work it needs to be more the corner shop - covering one specific subject. What are your views? Do you have a successful blog and if so of the two avenues did you go down? If you went for a niche market what made you choose it?
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• United States
17 May 09
Congrats on writing for six months! A lot of people give up blogging way to soon. It takes a lot of work to create a blog that you're happy with and you do go through phases where you decide to change things around. If I may suggest, write what you're interested in. If it's a bunch of different topics, then just try to find a way to fit them into the theme of your blog. If your theme is a personal blog then here's some ideas. (You can fit this in with any theme though.) If you write a post about new computer and then write about being sick, always add something to keep them pulled together. You could say something about liking a new computer because it helps you work faster in your busy life. When you write about being sick, write about how it affects you as a family or working person. My blogs are niche blogs, but I also write posts that normally wouldn't seem to fit within my niche. In my health blog, I once reviewed a website about gardening sheds. I wrote that gardening can help reduce stress and make you feel healthy. It's all about how you present it!
17 May 09
Thanks for the response ShawnBidness - I can see your point about linking posts - makes good sense. Do you use your blog as a money generator?
18 May 09
that will only ever work if yo have a descent level of traffic.
@kusanag1 (50)
• Indonesia
17 May 09
yes i have blog to , my friend say my blog is good and wonderfull , nice to make blog every time u must find artikle to post in blog
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
17 May 09
I just started a blog also, and I'm highlighting my occupation as a beekeeper. I've had it around one month and I have 5 followers and 5 following. I think its doing quite well. I try to make it interesting without making it too personal. I'm not making any money with it as yet. Perhaps later I will. THis blog is more so my friends and relatives can keep up with me and know what I'm doing. read more at